Tuesday, February 28, 2006

oh yeah

Things are great! I took a personal day off from work yesterday and today is my "day off". Back to things as usual tomorrow but for right now I am loving my day off. I have been productive. Anna is going to change schools....my mother is going to be watching Anna while I am at work which is a good thing for her and Anna both and of course I am getting what I want out of the deal also....Anna can go to another school. I have been going rounds with her current school and things are finally going to get better. I was also able to get her schd to see her new doctor because I have some thing I want to go over with him.

I also got my whole cell phone situation fixed and now I have the unlimited text and picture messages that I was waiting for and I can also check my e-mail from my phone. The next thing will be that I will get the new phone on my wish list....the only thing is that it is $200.00 but will work as my "mp3" player and cell phone....anything to save space!

I also have made much progress is the "spring cleaning" and I have lots of things that are going to change in the house this year. I am getting caught up yay!!!

I also will be getting a nice new car in March....it's about time. I will miss my car even though we have this love hate relationship but it is time to move on...besides it will still be around because my stepson is going to get my car. After all the money we sunk into it we can not just get rid of it completely...besides I am getting a new car because Greg does not want me driving my old car home late at night because I am going back to my late shift next week and I can't wait! I am not picky about my next car it must have power door locks and power windows...hey, if I have to have the car for 5-6 years then it must have this...I work hard I deserve it.....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

so many choices

I was trying to think of a good plate to have on my new car....this looks like a good place to start.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am looking for time....lot's of it.....well, not really LOT's of it just enough time to clean the house, make my healthy meals for the next day, stay up to date with everything going on with Anna, time to spend with my husband, time to spare to make overtime money at work, time to register for school and time to look at all the options open to me, time to work out, time to papmer myself, time to blog, time to keep up with my blog friends, time to find a new car, time to shop, time to be a wife, mother, career woman, friend........etc~do you get my point? Does anyone have this to spare....I am willing to pay BIG bucks!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I feel like I have been through hell this week! The worst part is that the week is not over yet! Last week a girl that I use to dance with was in town to work. Yes, she is still dancing and will still be dancing in 20 years from now....I still love her though! Maybe I will take that back after this post though.

She called me because there was another girl named Renee that she was working with. This was a slap in my face. My stage name was Renee...this is what she still calls me to this day and the strange part is that even though I stopped dancing over 6 years ago and stopped people from calling me by my stage name...I still answer to it...when I hear the name Renee I turn to see who is calling me.

Anyways, Jessica (my sister) is using my old stage name....(she is not clever enough to come up with her own). It hurts because I know that my girlfriend only called me because she was looking for a reaction from me. I did not give her the satisfaction. She told me that Jessica is living in a motel and her and James are not together now. I don't really trust anything she says and I really don't care. It does hurt that she would not have called to say she was in town if she wasn't working with my sister.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-Day

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I am sitting at home today. The snow has stopped any thoughts of working overtime to make that $$$$. I was planning on working overtime with another girl I work with..she is my partner in crime and the reason I eat so much Chipotle.

There is not much to do today...just eat chili...watch tv and sit around and look cute all day. I plan on enjoying the day and eating lots of chili.

Below is a picture of my girlfriend from work. This was at our party for work after all
the training that we had to go through.

I have meet some really great people at work. I love my new job. There is a lot to learn and things are always changing but I will finally be able to go to school to make more $$$$$. That's what it's all about after all right?

I want to get a new car by March so I need all the overtime I can get. I should be getting a nice bonus check soon and raise in May and if everything goes as planned I will be getting
another raise in May...if everything goes as planned. How cool is that??? $$$$ Do you see the dollar signs??? Because I do. $$$$$

So anyways, back to the snow.....Look at how much snow is on out mailbox. The roads are looking pretty good. Everything should be fine when I leave for work tomorrow morning....I hope!

I was like a little kid yesterday when it started snowing...you could hear the excitement in my voice. I love the snow!

I mean look at this picture I took last night....beautiful! How can you not love this time of year.....I hate the cold but the snow makes up for it.

See the white dots...that's the snow falling....It really started to stick to the roads late, late last night.

Even though I did not go to work today I still had
to clean off my car. It is not perfect but I am not going anywhere today anyways. I love my car...it shines even when it is dirty....that is the only thing that I will miss about it when it is time to get a new car....oh, I will also miss my cd player...I love my cd player!

So, now you know what I am going to do today...how about you?!?!?

Is it snowing where you live? Are you bored today? Are you going to watch a movie...give me some more ideas so I am not stuck cleaning today!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

what do you want to be when you grow up?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

sister love

I have always been there for my sister Jessica. I have always thought of myself as a good sister...almost like a mother to her and she has betrayed me like no sister should ever do to their sister. When we were growing up I have always been there. Even when she has hurt me I have always been there to pick her up off the ground.

Don't get me wrong...we do fight....I have punched her and I have also threatened to hit her with an aluminum baseball bat. I know that this is not normal behavior but if you were there you might understand. Jessica has broken into a safe and stolen my rent money. Jessica has disobey rules and I was always the one that mom would call on to put her in line.

I am 6 years older then Jessica and that is a major responsibility. You can say that I have raised Jessica since she was 7 years old. I was the only person that placed rules for her, I am the only one who would listen, I am the only who who would punish, I am the only one to really tell her how it is. I felt sorry for her I wanted to protect her because I was the oldest sister, I wanted a little sister and I got her. I knew all the bad things that were going on with my parents and I tried to help.

I had to grow up so fast. My mother was a fucking drunk bar slut and I am the one that everyone looks down on because I use to strip. (so what!) I did what I had to do. I am now in the most perfect job. I have a loving husband and I am finally away from family and doing well for myself.

Jessica stayed with me many times while she was under my mothers care. She lived with me for the summer's while I was dancing. She was kicked out of my mothers home and stayed with me and Anna until I got my dad to take her home with him. She was doing well until she could not get her way and she left my dad's and got him arrested for child abuse. Even after all of that I still had her move in with me. I went to court with Jessica and got temporary custody of her so she could be enrolled in school and love with me.

Jessica decided that school was not for her and she did not go. She left my care and decided to run the streets. I lost touch with her but not for long. My mother found her and stayed in touch with her to make Jessica find James so he could take Anna from me. Jessica turned against me. She ended living in James car that was parked outside of my mothers home because she would not let Jessica stay in her home.

When Jessica asked my mother for money for food she told Jessica to rob someone if she was that hungry....she did.

Jessica tried to rob 2 people one person was a little old lady that beat Jessica off with her purse. (I know, that's pretty sad and funny)

When Jessica was in jail I sent her money and stood by her side. I went to visit and I tried to help her as much as I could. I went to court to support her when my mother would not. I talked to the counselors and I tried to help with what I could.

When Jessica got out of jail I was there for her again.....I was the only one there for her...she would always cry on my shoulder. The last straw was when she got together with James....she knew all the heartache I went through with him. She knew she was wrong.....but did not care.

The worst thing that she ever could have done to me was when she had Anna call her "mommy"..................

Thursday, February 02, 2006


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This is my downfall....I will be away for a few days because I have to get rid of a month of this "dinner" meal that I have had almost everyday for 6 weeks and trust me you can still see it becasue it is just hanging around and making me fat! Back to the chicken, rice and veggies. Sorry Chipotle...it was fun while it lasted.