Wednesday, January 17, 2007

new year resolution #1

To post more often....."yeah right!" like that happened. Sorry ya'll I have had some things going on and this past weekend I was out all weekend with Anna. Her birthday was yesterday the 16th. I took her and her little boyfriend out the the Harbor and we went to the aquarium and also to Little Italy for an Italian dinner. It was a good day. We just had to get the day started off early because of the Raven/Colts game and the Harbor was a mess....there were so many people out and the Ravens still lost!

Anyways, back to my daughters day....I got some really good pictures of them and he bought her a heart necklace for her birthday and he is such a polite boy. This weekend I am going to take Anna to see his hockey game and that should be pretty good and after the game we will be taking them out for breakfast. He asked Anna the other day if she would like to spend the night over his house and that he would ask his mother (ok, my baby is only 10 years old) even if it is just little kids there is no way in hell I will let my daughter spend the night over a boys house!

Its not that serious though....I know that his mother would never allow it either.


I am working a new shift at work now so I go in late and I come home late...I like it better though and the money is not to bad. I have a little bit more time now because I took a semester off from school. I needed the break! I hope that all is well with ya'll and I am trying to get on here more often...I swear!


Blogger Princess said...

Good to hear from you!

Yes, i agree, 10 is just abit to young ;) Hehe

HAPPY birthday to Anna!


10:14 AM  

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