Friday, January 19, 2007

how can ya tell

well, how can I tell that I don't post much any more.....let me count the ways....

1) when there are 3 months worth of post on a page that should say that I do not post much.

2) when people visit once a month and post to say "Hey, where are you" that is also a sign

3) when I forget my login to post...That's major sign!

here is what I realized this morning...well, it really started this week. Thanks to a friend of mine...I belong to a weight loss group..not really sure who I belong to a group I have been with this group for almost a year...I have about 25lbs to lose (I know it is not that much compared to what most people in this group have to lose). Anyways, I feel like the outcast of the group, most of the people in the group are very church going people and older then myself. I have always felt like people who are very "church going" are very critical of other people and I do not understand why??? I do not go to church but I am catholic and stopped going to church when I was in middle school when my parents stopped going.

Anyways, I don't know if it is just me but I so not think that people are as nice as they should be and I think that people are really stuck up. In my neighborhood people think that they are better then everyone else. I work a late shift at work by choice not because I have to but because I want to. My husband can stay at home with my daughter and we live very well. I do not have to want for anything. Because Anna does not like Dancing and Soccer she is the outcast and the parents in this town treat her this way. She just turned 10 this week and she wanted to have a birthday party and all the parents made sure to make me know in no uncertain terms that "all the little girls would be busy" really one mother called to inform me for all the other mothers!

Anna was crushed at first but then I took her and her "boyfriend" out for her birthday and now she is ok...that made all the little girls inher school mad because they like that little boy and now they are trying to make Anna break up with him and Anna will not go for it....she knows that they are just trying to make her mad.

It upsets me to see her going through this. I know that they treat Anna like the outcast also because I am such a young mother. Most of the parent in her school had their children when they were in their 30's and I had Anna when I was 18.


Blogger JD's Rose said...

You will be surprised at just how much the smaller age gap between you and Anna will be a blessing in the years to come.

I just think that it is cute that she has a boyfriend at 10. So cute!


8:32 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

It saddens me when I read accounts like this. People of all ages can be so cruel - and in this case as in so many others, it looks like the kids are getting it from their parents.

Thankfully, Anna has you. It sounds like you've given her a solid grounding to ride this silliness out and grow up a well-rounded young lady. Eventually, the conformists who are so mean to her today will end up...nowhere, while your daughter will have all the tools and support she needs to make it in the world.

2:19 AM  

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