Tuesday, February 28, 2006

oh yeah

Things are great! I took a personal day off from work yesterday and today is my "day off". Back to things as usual tomorrow but for right now I am loving my day off. I have been productive. Anna is going to change schools....my mother is going to be watching Anna while I am at work which is a good thing for her and Anna both and of course I am getting what I want out of the deal also....Anna can go to another school. I have been going rounds with her current school and things are finally going to get better. I was also able to get her schd to see her new doctor because I have some thing I want to go over with him.

I also got my whole cell phone situation fixed and now I have the unlimited text and picture messages that I was waiting for and I can also check my e-mail from my phone. The next thing will be that I will get the new phone on my wish list....the only thing is that it is $200.00 but will work as my "mp3" player and cell phone....anything to save space!

I also have made much progress is the "spring cleaning" and I have lots of things that are going to change in the house this year. I am getting caught up yay!!!

I also will be getting a nice new car in March....it's about time. I will miss my car even though we have this love hate relationship but it is time to move on...besides it will still be around because my stepson is going to get my car. After all the money we sunk into it we can not just get rid of it completely...besides I am getting a new car because Greg does not want me driving my old car home late at night because I am going back to my late shift next week and I can't wait! I am not picky about my next car it must have power door locks and power windows...hey, if I have to have the car for 5-6 years then it must have this...I work hard I deserve it.....


Blogger ugogirl said...

Congrats on getting your daughter school changed. I have to agree with you some schools out here are worthless, that's why I pay for my child education.
Before I go I have one question to ask you, What do you mean by it's a good thing for your mother to be watching your daughter, didn't you say your family was crazy and that you wished your mother died so you could pee on her grave? I'm not really understanding what it is you're telling us, either you don't want to have anything to do with your mother or you do when it benefits you (it seems) My family is no where near crazy as you described yours and my child isn't allowed to go to neither of my brothers house by themselves and they are married so really help me to understand just what it is you're doing..... If you need for your daughter to change schools are you in that desperate need to run back to your mother for help or what about your so called good girl friends who you go back 20 years...... I'm not trying to be judgmental because I know what you're thinking I'm just trying to figure out what it is you're really trying to do use your family when you need them most by parading your daughter in front of them because you know they probably won't say NO!!!!!

7:47 PM  
Blogger Crypto said...

Piece by piece. Good job on getting into the school for your daughter. And a reliable car can make stress levels sooooo much lower. Just get something that has great gas mileage so you don't worry about gas prices going through the roof.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

you really are to far behind to understand and it seems that you could not really understand the whole situation and I really do not feel like going rounds with you...yes I do hate my mother...I am waiting for the day she dies so I can spit on her grave....I keep the feelings to myself/blog and do not drag my daughter in the middle of it....I will not hurt her like this...my mother has never hurt my daughter like she has me and I am in no fear that she would besides she is almost on her death bed so I can let them share some time together....I can hate my mother...I have that right...I alos have the right to say so on my blog...my outlet.

I'm sorry if it is confusing to you...it's complicated and I am sure that you have never gone through the things like I had to growing up...there is nothing wrong with that but I am sure its difficult for you to understand and I really don't fell like explaining my feelings to you...I understand them, and I know whats best for me and Anna

12:51 PM  
Blogger ugogirl said...

Hi Dawn
Hope you had a wonderful day today. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back with you. I have been running all day with my daughter so I promise I will answer your response probably Sunday evening because I'm going skiing this weekend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep up the good work.......

7:49 PM  

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