Thursday, February 01, 2007

I can't believe that I found a place the does stripper aerobics. I am so excited. What is even more cool about the whole thing is that it is really close to me. Right between work and home and I only work about 10 min from the house so as you can see this is close! I was looking for something else online and came across a message board where they were talking about lucky for me hu??? So, they have a free intro class and I will be there this weekend and then I will buy a pass. I already know its a good workout. They don't have to sell me on that part!

I never thought that they would have a place like that around here but I am glad that I found it. I can't wait to use that pole....I know that I will hurt for days works your whole body. Well I guess I will have to tell you more about after my first intro class this weekend ;)