Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What I Want Wednesday

I love, love, love the way this Donna Karen Cashmere Mist smells. Its so clean and fresh! I am not a big perfume type of person but this is not strong at all and within my budget! Not bad to have all the positives in one place at the same time. I won't lie though....there is not much else on the website that my pocketbook can afford but this is a nice piece of heaven for my poor blood that is longing to be rich ;)

If you are as interested as I am go here to look around and purchase. They has soap and lotion..all the extras that you might need also . The price for what is pictures in $75. Not a bad price if you ask me. I love the purse but there are other gift sets or separates if that does not interest you.

I am taking 4 classes this semester so my honey is going to treat me to this when my classes are over. He is sweet like that! I would go out a buy it now but why should I if he is going to buy it for me.....right?

If you have a product that you are dreaming about then play along with me and make your Wednesday wish list and please let me know what deals you find.....I love to shop! You can shop for anything...clothes, cooking gadgets, lotions, makeup, home decor, I just want to know where the deals are. Help a sister out ;)

Monday, September 25, 2006

I think I will get my stripper pole

My honey is going to set up the extra room as my exercise room and I really want a stripper pole. It is great for a workout and I can get one that can be taken down without a lot of hassle. He is going to look into it for me so I can set up a workout room. I am so happy. I want a place where I can workout without having to go to the gym and I love to dance so the room with be open so I will have the room to do that.

I am also happy that I am almost at my goal weight 20lbs to go and I will be there. After I got rid of my personal trainer I have been doing a lot better. I got back to the basics and I have lost 10lbs and kept it off this summer. Slow progress but it is staying off so that is positive!

I have the day off work tomorrow and I don't really have any plans. I have to study for a test this week and I have a few projects that I can work on.....I also might go into work for a few hours tomorrow but I am not sure yet....I guess I will see where the day takes me.

Nothing much is going on right now. I have nothing important to write about...pretty boring stuff here......sorry!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I think I may be normal now....

I lost my mind a little bit the other night...sorry if your read my post. I could take it down but why should I? If your read it then you already know that it was there right? Why would I hide it now? That would be pretty stupid!

I am going to meet with my girlfriend today. I am not sure if you remember the one I was telling you about that is going to go back to stripping. We are going to have lunch together and I get to see her new place. It is kinda nice now that she is away from her controlling ex that we can get together and be "friend" again. I miss that. I really need my friends in my life again. It is something that has been missing for awhile. I have a few people in my life but who can I really trust that knows my darkest secrets. There are not many people. I have one person I went to school with who reads my blog and the girls that I stripped with. They know all my dirty little secrets. There is a bond there and its hard to let that go.

I have been having a hard time getting sleep over the last 3 weeks and I know I look like death. I need to get to the gym and I I have paper this week that is due for my Literature class about why it is ok for abused women to kill their husbands. I know...Interesting topic....maybe I can copy and past my James posts ;)


Right now I have VH1 on T.V. and the music sucks.....wait while I change the channel please!


OK I am back. I found something on the style network "How Do I Look" it is a rerun but it is still better then the depressing songs on VH1.


So back to what I was trying to say before I so rudely interrupted myself!!! What was I talking about.........SCHOOL...Oh, yeah....K, I am really busy I have that paper to write and I have a test this week in Sociology and I think that class is stupid because is just is! The word that they use are made up and don't even exist I can't trust anything that is taught in that class! I also hate my teacher. I think that she is out to fail me.


Oh, Do you watch Flava Flav because that show is soooo stupid that I can't help but watch it. It is like a train wreck. You don't want to look but you can't make your self look away. HAHAHA, I love shows like that.

I think that I have done enough rambling on today. I will write more later!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

now what

I know that some of you want a James story but I can’t right now. It’s painful…I hate the bastard, I hate that I had to strip, I hate that I had to drink to take my mind off of everything, I hate that I lost my apartment, I hate that I lost my daughter twice because of that bastard, I hate that I was raped more that I care to count because of that mother fucking bastard, I hate that I live in a car because I had nowhere else to go, I hate that I had to steal to eat, I hate that I talked to a pimp about prostitution because he was not a man, I hate that he was getting high all the time, I hate that he was cheating on me while I was pregnant, I hate that I never cheated on him…….

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I would not want to be drunk a stummble across this painted floor. It looks a little bit crazy! My luck the floor really would cave in ;) that's just my kind of luck! Oh well, Hope that all is well with ya'll. I tookt he day off of work to catch up on some things but as you can see I am wating my time. I guess I should get back to work......bye!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I suck! I have so many things going on right now and work really sucked this weekend! I was off the last 2 days and that did not really help me any. I still am not really looking forward to working tomorrow even with my special lunch thing for my promotion. I just want to stay home and cover my head and do nothing! I have to work and go straight to school. After my math class I have to deal with my sociology class that I hate. I think sociology is stupid! It is a bunch of made up bullshit that has no substance.

I have somethings that I have to do tonight. I have to figure out what I am going to wear and I also have to look for something else but I can't think right now. I has to argue with my daughter for 4 hours tonight over her homework that made me not do my work. I hate when she has to do spelling sentences. Her teacher should be hurt for giving her that homework assignment. I am so overloaded right now. I think I will go have a drink a relax before tomorrow starts. God help me this is going to be a very loooong school year.