Thursday, February 03, 2005

kids can be so mean

When Anna came home from school yesterday she was a little upset about some things that the kids were saying about her not having a dad. This really bothers her because she does have a dad. He may not be her "father" but he is her DAD! He had been there for her for over 5 years now and belive me when I tell you it has been a bumpy ride.

It was funny tough because while I was Checking my e-mail last night Anna asked me when she should have a baby(she is only 8). I asked her what she thought and this is what she told me. She wants to wait until she has money, is out of school, has a good job, and a husband. She also said that she does not want a husband who already had a kid. WOW! Kids are amazing and she never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes kids are to honest. When she realized what she said and that Greg stepped in and is her DAD and he did not have to do that it really made her think. Anna's "father" wants nothing to do with her and that is fine with her. He is living happily ever after with my sister and now I do not have to deal with him or her. They were both bad for us anyway. My sister is nothing but trouble and so was he.

I have to go right now. When I get back I will start to explain the whole crazy family story.


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