Sunday, January 30, 2005

i wish i was a kid again

I can not belive that they have a 4 day weekend. They spend more time out of school then they do in. I am in favor of schoold all year long!!! Anna is driving me crazy. I feel bad for my boyfriend because he will be home with her Mon. and Tues. while I am at work.

We finally bought a playstation 2 today but I can not find a Tetris game anywhere. This has been a very boring weekend. Not too much to write about. We has a snow/ice storm last night but the roads are clear and I guess I will have to go to work tomorrow.

I hope I will have some luck with the job searching this week. I need a vacation. Maybe I will talk to my best friend and see if she wants to go somewhere for a weekend. The girls at the gym were going to go out last night but the weather changed our plans. We have to set up a time to go out again soon. We have so much fun when we all go out.


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