Monday, January 24, 2005

have I ever mentioned that I hate my job???

I should be getting ready for work...but who cares! Anna is in her room putting all of her clothes in her new dresser. We put it together on Friday and I swear that I will NEVER but anything that we need to assemble Ever again.

It snowed on Saturday and it was coming down hard. Greg called me at work (he never calls me when I am working). He told me that the weather was really getting bad and that he thought I should come home early so I left work 4 hrs early and don't you know as soon as I got home the snow stopped and they started to clear the roads. Now I have lost almost 5 hrs of pay due to this snow and they will not let me make up that time. I drive a tiny neon that will not get through the snow. Which one of my managers was going to come shovel me out of the snow if I got stuck? NO ONE! How can they hold it against me for trying to stay safe? I am willing to work the hours and be productive.........

I have a job interview tomorrow. I hope everything goes ok. I am also getting everyone's e-mail address from work so they can still buy Avon from me through the internet when I am gone. I hope that I will be putting in my two weeks notice this week..........Wish me luck!


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