Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My other baby

Why do you hate me so much? I feed you, bathe you, I just bought you a new CD player......why are you so mean to me??? I talk to you when I know you are hungry so what is the deal? Why would you leave me stranded like that? I can't wait to get rid of you!!! You change your mind to much for me!!! I hope that you have a wonderful life with someone else!

Let me tell you what happened. My car died on me on the way back to work from lunch. I was turning up a hill at a traffic light and it just died on me. I called my boyfriend to help me after two guys so kindly pushed my car into the gas station(only because I blocked the road and they could not get by). I was only 7 feet away from the station. Here is the worst part......my car dying on me would not be so bad if it stayed dead or if when I take it to my mechanic he tells me that there is a problem. The answer I always get is that it is running fine and it does so I just don't understand. The conclusion that I have come to is that my car is like a spoiled brat and just decides to take a break and then it starts running again in a few min.

No! My car did not overheat. It just hates me!!! Oh well, it was a funny site to see me on the way back to work after my car's break because I was yelling at it....people must have thought that I was crazy!!!!!!

I will talk to you later!


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