Tuesday, January 11, 2005

waiting for my phone to ring


It is such a miserable day outside. Sleep! That's all I really want to do today. I have been sitting on the computer all morning sending out resumes. Can you belive that I lost my desk yesterday to that little punk Jeff!!!!! It is not worth making a HUGE deal out of because I do not plan on being there to much longer. I was happy that one of our manager got fired this past weekend for stealing:) justice comes to everyone eventually-I am just to impatient to wait for it to happen.

I asked one of the girls I work with if she will still sell Avon out of the store for me and I can give her orders to her at cost or give her some of the profit. I will talk to her more about it once I get another job lined up.

everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope I can get an interview lined up sometime next week. Oh, well....I guess I will go back to sending out more resumes.


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