Monday, January 31, 2005

What a day.....

Work was horrible! I really, really, really, can't wait to find another job. I have been looking but no luck yet. I think that they are trying to fire me or push me to quit before I am ready. I seem to be in the middle of a blaming session with another one of my co-worker's. I can not stand her....She is the pure definition of a back stabbing, 2 faced female. Oh well, she thinks that she is a Harley chick but lets have the truth be told.....He husband who cheats on her has one of the smallest Harley's made and she has never been on that bike because there is no way that her FAT ass can fit on that bike with him. He did allow her to put a Harley sticker on her truck. I guess it makes her feel pretty cool and not feel like she is really an old fat hag. WOW! I guess that I am being mean today! I just don't care anymore.

I went to a new ob gyn doctor and to my surprise this new doctor is willing to let me have my tubes tied. My insurance will cover 80% so I have to check on how much this will really cost me. I hope that it is not too much. It will still be cheaper than having another baby. I only have my daughter but Greg has 4 and the ages range from 10-22. I have Anna who is 8 and we raise her and she might as well be his anyway. I really want this. I do not want another child. I love Anna but I don't want to start all over again.

Work has been bothering me so much that I am hurting my teeth because I am grinding my teeth trying to keep my opinions to myself so I do not get fired. You have no idea how hard that is for me. I have to call a dentist tomorrow to check that out.

I have had a few drinks tonight. I am trying to relax my face so I do not hurt my teeth anymore.
I need a vacation so badly.

I have to get the trash ready to go out. I will write more tomorrow.


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