Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Life is good today!!!

I had my job interview today and it went ok.....I am waiting on a call back from them. I am not sure if I want to take the job though......It is a family owned business but they have two different company's so what they want is two for the price of one. Oh well, I have another job interview tomorrow. I will let you know how that goes.

My really good news is that one of the manager that has been giving me a hard time was demoted today and transferred to another store!!!!!! I am doing a happy dance all over the floor!!!!! YEAH FOR ME!!! The only thing that I am mad about is that I was not there to laugh in his face when it was done.......I had a co-worker call me to tell me the gossip of the day. I know that I should not be this happy about it but I am. Now I just have to wait for Nancy to be fired and life will be grand. Don't get me wrong...I am still going to leave that place as soon as I can find another job.

Life is good and I will end this on a good note tonight.


Blogger Drama Queen said...

You posted a comment on my blog, which led me to your blog. You seem like a very strong-willed person, which i think is commendable. I really hope you find a great job, which gives you the respect & remuneration you deserve. All the best!

3:35 AM  

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