Monday, January 03, 2005

child support/gym/poppin cherries/Victoria secret

Ok let me first start with the whole child support thing.......when I came home for lunch I called them to see how far behind in payments my loser ex is and the GRAND TOTAL IS.......6,798.23! When will the court system wake up and do something about this??? He is suppose to pay $91 a week for our daughter but only pays when he goes to court and they make him pay. He needs to pay or go to jail. My problem now is that he moved to another county and I am not sure of his new address. I hope he goes to court Monday as schd. and gives them his new address. I think I will type up a letter to send to the court house once a week until they get tired of me and actually do something about his non-payment of child support. I don't need his money but I want what should be mine!!!

When I tried to get my workout in at the gym I walked around until I got mad and left....Everyone wants to workout now for there NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!!!!!! Hey if you did not care in 2004 why do you care now????? The gym is so packed-I hate this time of year!!! I guess I will have to go back to my 5:30am workouts. Oh well, I left the gym and decided to go to the mall and spend my Victoria Secret gift card.

They are having the Semi-Annual Sale and they were packed. I did find my favorite body spray (passionate kisses) that the discontinued....I stocked up on that :) I asked the girl at the dressing room if she could give me a fitting to see if my bra size has changed any and I wear a 36F and she told me I am a 38D???? She is so wrong-I bought my body spray some undies and left....I still have $60 to spend and I don't know what to buy! They don't carry my correct bra size so I may go back and buy some more body lotion and spray. The first time I tried to get them to size me one girl told me I was a 34C and her co-worker checked to see of she was right and then I was told that I was a 36F. I give up with they know what they are doing in there???

My manager and I got into an argument because I love to flaunt that fact that I use to strip in her face because I know she thinks she is better then me but will not say it to my face. We started talking about the fact that my best friend has popped my cherry many times........
In case you do not know......

Poppin' a cherry means that she was my first at.........
1) making me my first mixed drink
2) hers was the first babyshower I ever went to
3) hers was the first house warming party I ever went to
4) She was the first woman to ever??.....????.....??????...........

Lets just say that we have been through a lot.......When I was explain this to a guy I work with she was getting so angry.....

Let me give you a short history on this woman....she is a 40 something woman who lost her husband who make a 6 figure income because she was sleeping with 17 year old boys and now she is remarried to a now 20 something chubby, dirtball and she now has 2 children over twenty and 3 children under 7 and one stepchild from her 20 something husband. I could understand if he was goodlooking but he is not????? I just don't get it??? Oh well...I forgot what my point was...I am tired and I have to get up early to work out.

Good Night:)


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