Sunday, January 02, 2005

my life

I have just started my own blog!!! I go back to work tomorrow after a 4 day mini vacation. My baby girl goes back to school tomorrow (she is in 2nd grade). Her birthday is on the 16th of this month. I have talked her into a day at the harbor and dinner in Little Italy.

I really should get off the computer and start getting us ready for school and work tomorrow.........

I just got a call from my co-worker(she is even more backstabbing then my mother-I will explain that one later when I have more time) and she want me to come in early tomorrow. They always want me to do for them. I am only going into work early so I don't have to stay until 7pm (now my day will be shortened by 2hrs).

If anything interesting happens I will write back later.


Blogger MYA said...

Hi, Dawn. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

11:05 PM  

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