Thursday, February 10, 2005

Yesterday was good and today will be even better

I went into work with the best attitude. I smiled at everyone when I walked in the door and said hi to all the people who bug in my office. I was only in the office for a few min. and I asked my boss about my schd. and that is when I heard the news that they have found a new position for me with our credit coordinator. I will still have to work nights and weekends but at least I will be away from the trouble makers (as much as I can be). We all have to work together but it will not be as bad as it was. It will be another good position to put on my resume.

I was going to start at the end of the month after my surgery but they want me to start on Monday. My department manager talked it over with our "store manager" and he said that it is OK to move me right away.....Today is my last day in the office!!! I am so happy:-) Can't you just see me dancing around the floor?

After that little piece of info yesterday I found out that our store manager id getting moved to the same store that he put Steve in when he demoted him. So now Steve was under our store manager. Steve did not do his job and Lauren (our store manager) made him move on to a bad store. It was a step down for Steve and it is a step down for any manager. Some people might say that it is a move because they are so good and they will clean that store up but trust me when I tell you that they have there as punishment. I think it is funny that Lauren is going to be in the same store as Steve! HAHAHAHA! Talk about justice!


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