Saturday, February 12, 2005

weekend fun?

Well I am sitting here taking a break from cleaning house. I was off of work yesterday and I spent the whole day cleaning Anna's room. I found candy wrappers, sugar packet's, and homework and classwork from school that has not been completed.

Lets just say that Anna is grounded for quite sometime. She will be home all weekend completing all her unfinished school work.

I am doing my "spring cleaning". I have thrown out 2 bags of trash from Anna's room. I am working on the kitchen right now. I also want to clean out the car and get rid of a bunch of my Avon stuff. Greg is planning on setting up at the flea market this spring. We have so much we need to get rid of.

I am waiting to see if my mom will get Anna out of my hair for awhile so I can clean without worrying about what she is doing.

I have a lot to do so I guess I should get off the computer and get to it.......Talk to ya later.


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