Wednesday, March 02, 2005

fat days are ahead

I can not work out the end of this month. I have 25lbs that I want to lose and can not do any workouts for a month after my surgery. I have my doctors appointment schd. for March 21 so I hope that she will tell me it is OK to work out when I see her.

My plan to try to get my self ready for the summer is to cut out all the soda and salt. So far I am not doing to well with that. If I can get my eating habits in check than I may be able to hit my goal weight by summer time. I will also keep a food diary so I can keep track of my progress.

Goals to accomplish by March 15th.

1. No soda
2. No salt
3. Keep a food/workout diary
4. Drink lot's of water (that won't be a problem)

OK now that I have that I have my goal written down I hope that they will be harder to break.

I have been on a few interviews and I have not had any luck. I realize that I make pretty good money and it is going to be hard to have to start benefits with another company. I am still looking for something in the medical field I am just not in a rush to leave my current job. I got a new title now and things are a little bit better for me. I will keep looking and enjoy my new job until it is time to move on to a better job.

I am going to get ready to go out. Greg and I are going to go shopping and and have a nice quiet lunch together.


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