Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I should not be doing this

This is what I should be doing today...reading my business in environment book and not adding new links to my blog and shopping online. Bad habits. I have a test this Friday that I need to prepare for that I am not really ready for. Oh well, I will look good on Friday..but that does not really matter anyways, the test is at home!

I have been doing nothing all day. I need to take a picture of my new boots that I bought from Rave that is not Rave anymore because they changed the name of the store to Lola. Anyways the boots are so very cute!

I have been so crazy the last few days. I have more personal things going on and more reasons why I hate my mother. My brother is in jail and she took his car from him and will not come up with 1/3 of the money to get him out and the crazy part is my brother will not hold a grudge against her for doing this to him....long story but she is so hateful and evil. I should not feel this way about my mother but she is not a normal person...she is not!

I have added lots of links on my sidebar so if you have a chance check out my new and old links...all cool people! You would not be there if I did not like you!


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