Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello everyone

Once again I have been extremely busy. I have some very personal things going on right now and some other personal things that I don't mind sharing so this post will jump around quite a bit so stay with me ok?

My daughter was in cheerleading but is not right now. My father begged me to let her join the team in his area and promised me and Anna that he would make sure that they could get her back and forth to all her practices and games and guess what? They lied and broke my daughters heart in such a horrible way. I am so sick that I let this happen to her. I was only trying to let them established a relationship but I should have known that they would have let her down like they have always let me down.

I made it to every game that I could but nobody else was really there to watch her...They all made up shit so they would not have to be there for her. The worst part is that my dad decided that him and his wife needed to up and move without warning from Maryland to North Carolina so now she can not cheerlead anymore. Anna was getting over that but they bought her two winter coats before they left and promised to bring them over and see her before they left for good and instead they gave her some bogus reason over the phone and left the stuff in a bag outside of their home for Anna to get from my brother. Anna was heart broken that they could not come say goodbye to her. They only live about 10 min. away...would that really have been that hard of a thing for them to do???

I have not talked to them since this whole thing and after she cried for over 2 hours that night because they would not come see her I am through with the whole situation!!!


My brother came to my house after my father moved he kicked out my brother and told him to find somewhere else to live. My dad started a fight with him just to make sure that my brother would not want to move with him. I have tried to tell them that our parents are crazy but they don't listen. Anyways I am not sure why they moved....they are hiding from something the way it was done was not normal..they packed up in the middle of the night to move in with my stepmoms's some crazy shit....

Oh, I am off topic...sorry....My brother came over to give Anna the stuff that they were to busy to bring by for her and when he did guess what he told me???? My sister had her baby and it was a girl names Selena (like the Mexican singer that JLo paid the part of). Now Anna has a sister/cousin all rolled into one. The baby was born and her father is in he has no clue how cute or ugly his child is. Also my mother had the nerve to call me to tell me how beautiful the baby is (like I would give a shit). Like hello you not know that your daughter is a tramp and she is sleeping with your other daughters baby's father??? (did ya'll just get that?) My sister is married (or so she says) to my ex....Anna's father and now they have a baby together.

I also found out that they would not let the baby go home because my sister was on drugs and they baby came out addicted so she had to wait a few days....I think she has the baby now "baby Selena" The whole situation is just sick and I just don't understand it.....I am hurt that she could have a baby by the same person I did...It's just not right after everything I have done for her...I took her in and had custody of her because my parents put her out on the street and this is my payment....Jessica was 12 when I had my daughter that is the age that James knew her from and now they have a baby together...sick if you ask me...not so much the age difference but it's my sister and you have known her since she was 12....sick bastard!


Due to other personal reason I am going to drop 2 of my classes this semester and only sick with the 2 instead of 4 classes. I have to much going on at work and home to study for 4 classes...its just to much!


My girlfriend and I are going out this weekend. I found a great outfit from Rave in our local mall and these great boots to go with it...I will have to take a picture and show you. I am in a red I had to buy something red to go out it...I love what I picked. We are going to a club in DC with my clubbin cardio class from the gym and we always have a great time but this club looks like it will be ghetto...but I guess we shall see!


I have also started Michael Thurmond's six week body makeover and I love it. I have been doing it for a week now and I have my before pictures done now it is the process of losing. I can't wait to see where I am at in 6 weeks. This should be a fun journey. The good news is that I have almost lost all the weight that I gained with my other personal trainer. That makes me very happy. I went to a personal trainer and I only had about 25lbs that I wanted to lose and I gained 25lbs.....I was pissed. I followed the process and he had me gain weight. I stuck with it for a year and gave him the benefit of the doubt but when my scale reached 25lbs higher then my start weight I gave up and now I am doing much better.


I thought that there was more to say but I am coming up blank right now. I will come back to ya'll later and right now I have some online shopping that I have to do ;)


Blogger Yara said...

I really gotta say, pretty weird family you got. I thought that my family was not that normal, but your parents, your ex, your sister, no offense but they're kinde screwed up.

How could they do this to you? Have they got no heart?

Good luck with the whole situation.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

Hi!!!! How are you? I am sorry i havent visited you for a while. I have had no internet! :(

I cant believe your sister! Thats so awful, you poor thing! That poor bubby :( Hopefully you can be a light in her life


10:04 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

thankyou for visiting today :) But you forgot to leave a comment ;)


4:58 AM  

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