Wednesday, August 23, 2006

back to work

I had to get back to the real world today. Vacation was over for me and back to the real world. I hate to admit it but I like working sometimes and the people I work with are pretty cool. That really helps make the day go by a lot easier.

I worked a little bit of overtime today to help gather some money for shopping trips. If I plan of losing weight I have to purchase hot new clothes and that cost money right?!?! Anyways, I am working a little bit of overtime for extra spending money to also get the credit cards paid off by Christmas time. My husband keeps me in line with our spending...that's why I love him so much.

Ok, enough with all that mushy you all know that Christmas is right around the corner...once September gets here the year is over! I hate to break it to ya'll but that's the truth. I hate this time of year. I hate the reality that the year is over and there is nothing that I can do to try to slow it I feel like I am falling......


Blogger Princess said...

Welcome Back! :)

I cant help but think the same as well! I feel like as i get older, the years are just flying by!


3:55 AM  
Blogger Yara said...

Well liking to work, isn't that weird is it? I mean if you don't like your work, get another job. I love my coworkers and like my job as well. It's why I overwork a lot, I just like it there, I even like the stress sometimes.

Shopping a lot in winter is a really good plan, I will spend my first days of 2007 in London =D

1:22 PM  

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