Thursday, August 17, 2006

I forgot where I started

I started my blog for me and in that whole process I lost myself. I worried about who was reading, who I might offend, how many comments I might get, what I should write about that would entertain and be funny. In the midst of that crazy process I lost myself. I stopped thinking or even caring about what others would think. I keep everything in. I felt bad for some of the readers who would come by to visit me because I just did not have time to visit them. It got overwhelming and here I am with maybe 3-4 post per month about nothing.

It not that I don't have anything to write about because I do. I have lots going on on my mind. I have been really bust with work and school and making the extra time is hard but I have so many things that I would like to get out in the open.

There is a guy I worked with for almost 5 years until I get my new job. He was on the front page of the paper with his wife and three girls. They take in foster children. The three girls are adopted by him and his wife and they are in jeopardy of having them taken from them. There was a very long article in the paper about their situation. I know that his girls are his life.

A few weeks ago they had a 5 year old girls dropped off at the house until court the next morning when the judge would determine what would happen to the girls mother (I think the mother was arrested for drugs and prostitution). The 5 year old girl put a teddy bear under her bed and ran away from the foster home. The girl was not found missing until the next morning. When the police were called they said they found the girl that night about 2 blocks away looking for her mother and they took the child. The woman checked on the children but does not turn on the light to make sure not to wake them.

That family also had a boy that they were hoping to adopt that they have has since he was 3 days old and the police took the child (now 1 years old) away from this family and now they may lose the girls over this.

I know this family and I know how they are with the children. Something like this could have happened to anyone. It is very sad and bad that it happened but this child was determined to leave and she did. But to tear a family apart like that is wrong. I hope that it works out for them in the end. They have taken in more than 300 children in one year and have opened their home to over 1,000 foster children. This is not a way to treat a family that cares. They do not do it for the money....$22 per day is about all they make per child. This is not enough to feed and clothe them. They really do care.


Blogger PresentStorm said...

I hope it all works out for them. I know that has to be a hard situation when you are dealing with kids that are hurt and long for love from their biological parents. i can totally understand how that could easily happen. I hope things work out for the best. I will say some prayers for your former co worker and his family.

Thanks for stopping by ;)

5:15 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

I think blogging shouldnt get you all worked up. Its your site and you should feel like you can write whatever you want. Dont worry about offending people. If they have a problem with it, then they wont come back. Dont let it get to you. Write whatever you want!! :D

That is soo sad. Like you said, It could have happened to anyone...
I truly hope that it works out for them!!
Keep us updated. (IF you want to ;)


4:22 AM  
Blogger JD's Rose said...

That is sad... It is not like she didn't check or didn't care. You cannot watch them every miute of every day. Surely the authorities must realise that they did all they could. Right?!


6:48 AM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

That is awful! It annoys me so much when the state makes this kind of effort to tear a family apart but will turn around and but kids back in abusive situations when there isn't enough 'evidence' to support taking them away. Such a mess.

Blogging is an interesting thing and I think it is a very normal process to go through to try to post to please others and to worry about comments, etc. I think one has to go through that and get past it to get to the point that blogging becomes personal again and fun again. Glad you seem to have gotten past that and want to blog for you. No doubt you will feel the better for it.

11:25 AM  

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