Wednesday, January 25, 2006

child support update

OK, James was over 10,000 behind in child support on Monday. He had court on Monday...guess how much he had to pay in back child support?

Do you give up?!?!? $260.00.....yep, you read right! I am soooo pissed. I don't even know what to do anymore. The courts don't care....I have e-mail everyone from the lunch lady at the local courthouse to the President of the United States. NOTHING IS HAPPENING! I wrote letters to every Judge in the court house. I have also wrote many letters to out state Governor. I have called everyone I can think of....e-mailed everyone I can think of. I even e-mail people who I know have nothing to do with child support just to get a reaction (lunch lady at courthouse).

I just don't get it! Why is nothing done? I know that there is nothing that you can do for me...but at least feel sorry for me. I can't even get those people on t.v. that say that they can get the money for me to help me because they want the loser to have a job or some way of getting to him....NOTHING!

Child Support Enforcement is such a JOKE!

Just in case you have never see one is a picture of a deadbeat dad and a child sex offender.....I got James picture off of the Maryland child sex offender yes, this is an arrest picture.
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Blogger Brian Lavery said...

I'm so sorry that nobody can help you with that problem. It must be so frustrating.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous eric C said...

I can HELP

Cintact me at

I want to know your story and feature it on my show.


Eric C

12:17 AM  

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