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milkmaid~wanted to see a picture of me so here is one of many that I will post of myself.
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I'm on the right(with the really pretty curly hair) ;) This picture was taken at a wedding over the summer. At this point I was really drunk....can you tell?

old lady from the hills~wanted to know where I live.....I am in Maryland.

crypto~Have you gotten what you want out of blogging? I mean, when you started, did you think it would help, or was it just a release or outlet? Is the reason you write today the same reason you started? I am not sure what I was really expecting when I started blogging....I guess that I just needed a place to complain and I used this as my outlet. I hated my job and I wanted someone to know so I thought this was the best way to do that without getting fired. I left that job and have started my career with a very good now I blog because I am addicted to it now.

pieces of me~what makes me under the title of purses? There is none that is better than the other. I decided the split up the list because it was getting a little large for me. I read everyone on my blogroll as much as I can. I can tell you that I love my purses......everytime I buy a new one that I really love I get a sting of good luck...usually money that I was not expecting. So, I am very fond of my purses. I hope this answers your question.

erin~wants to see a picture of me and also asked how has blogging affected your life, good and bad? Blogging help me get the strength that I needed to change my job. When I would go back to old posts I would be reminded of why I wanted to leave my job. When I started to get brave and post pictures of myself I had an "evil" person make nasty comments so I stopped. Now that I have changed my blog address I will start posting pictures again. I took down the few pictures that I did have up. That was a bad blogging experience.

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momsgoneloony~wants to know about my "rating system"....and wants a picture.....I do not use it as a rating system now...I did at first but there was no real system to it. I love purses, jewelry, and shoes...they are like children....I love them all so much and they are all special in their own way.

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delite~wants to see a, I guess I did not realize that this was that important to once again her is another picture of me.

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suzanne~ wanted to know who did my blog design and she wants to see a picture also. martine did my blog design...she did a wonderful job!

layman~What do you do to keep healthy and what is your daily routine like? I eat right...I have many meals but I eat what is right. Since I stopped stripping and I met my wonderful husband who is a great cook I have gain a lot of weight. I am very selfconsience of my weight and how I does not help that I am top heavy so I look heavier than I am if I am not wearing tight clothes. I work out 5x a week on a "regular" week. When I first met with Todd(my personal trainer) in May of 2005 I had 47.7% of body fat. The last time I saw Todd my body fat % was 28%......I am working on it and things are going well right now...I am not looking for that quick fix...I want long term. P.S.~ thanks for the rest of your comment to me....that was sweet.

rebky~How much weight have you lost?What helped you the most loose it.. your 'secret weapon'?How old are you?What is your new job?Are you going to show us some pictures with your new camera?? I have lost 10lbs but have lost almost 20% of my fat. I have a lot of support from my husband and my personal trainer and that is what has really helped me. I am 27 yrs old. I work in customer relations. I have posted lots of picture but I do not want to have you fell left here is a picture just for you.

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yara~have you ever post something that was too embarrassing and have you removed it then again. And are there things that you find too embarrassing to even post in the first place. I did make a post about my husband and I removed it about 30 min after I posted it. I do not find anything really too embarrassing to post.....I just post what ever is on my mind.


Blogger Pieces of Me said...

It did answer my question..thank you!! And I love being one of your purses..Talk to you later! BTW you are beautiful and I love the funny that everyone asked for pics..TTYL

11:35 PM  
Blogger Crypto said...

Thank you for answering the questions. My favorite picture is the last one.

And as for bad blogging experiences....I find, like most people, there is more good than bad. Why is it that the bad taints everything else?

Good luck with your writing. I know I'm going to keep reading.

1:10 AM  
Blogger Yara said...

Sweety you're beautiful. Thanks for answering.
And thanks for liking my picture.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

pieces of me~
I was kinda surpirsed that everyone wanted a picture but they asked so I delivered even though I take horrible pictures.

I think that you get to become so open on your blog and as soon as you feel somewhat comfortable with sharing something bad happens and it takes a while to get back into the swing of it after something like that happens.

thanks for that comment...I really did like you picture you look great.

2:59 PM  
Blogger layman said...

Dawn, you are more beautiful than I thought. With beauty and brains, the sky is your limit. Did you try the Chinese horoscope on my site? Tell me what it says for you.

3:33 PM  
Blogger sage said...

i learned a lot about you reading your answers to questions... blessings.

8:31 PM  
Blogger MilkMaid said...

Ahhhhh a face with a name, thanks I love it!!

You have GORGEOUS hair, thick and healthy! Thanks for posting the picture and the other questions were fun to read. I'd wondered about your purse rating too. Your blog is really cute, the gal DID do a nice job on it.

You are a beauty, screw any net trolls, I just had one call my hair a mullet LOL, dumbass, get a clue.

ps- on the health and weight front, that ROCKS, excellent numbers!!!

4:40 AM  
Blogger delite said...

WOW! You are very brave, not that you have anything to be shamed about! You are very pretty indeed. Gorgeous hair also!!:)

1:52 PM  
Blogger PresentStorm said...

I always wondered about the jewelry,purses,shoes thing too ..Sorry I didn't get to ask you a question but you answered alot ...You are very pretty ...I agree

4:53 PM  
Blogger Rebky said...

Gosh.. and I'm not under a purse, jewlery OR shoes! (sniff-sniff)

Still you come to visit me so you are forgiven! ;-) Thank you for answering questions about your weightloss, it's a constant battle for most of us out here, and age has alot to do with rate/success. Slow and steady really is the best way. The pictures are fun, you are as pretty as I imagined you.

Who on EARTH gave you bad press about your looks? IDIOT whoever it was.

3:38 AM  

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