Friday, March 04, 2005


God I really hope it does not snow this weekend! I have had enough of the snow and the kids being home from school. The weather man says that we will have snow flurries this weekend. They are normally wrong I just hope this time they are wrong in my favor and not the kids.

My friend got out of work early today so she came over to take a ride into the city with me. I wanted to take a test run to a hospital that I have an interview at on Wed. I am excited it is the main job that I have been trying to get into. The only problem's that it is right in the middle of the ghetto. I know the area very well but have not been down there since I was with my daughters father almost 9 years ago. I can't belive I put myself into that danger back then. I can tell you some stories about that time of my life that would make your skin crawl........................

Anyways, We did the test run and then we went to the old club that we use to work at a few years ago. When we go out in the city we usually stop in to a few of the clubs to see how the owners and the girls that we know are doing. It is amazing how some things never change down there. We use to work on the not-so "famous block" in Baltimore.

The block is just like is sounds. It is a block of strip clubs. It use to go for many, many, many blocks but now it is only one block and a side street of many strip clubs. We know all the clubs in and out. What clubs allow what, which one is the best to make money in, where the best looking girls are at........I could go on and on. The best thing about our trips to the block is the reminder that we left and we don't have to go back. There are bum's on every corner, all the door men look like they are high on something and most of them are sooo dirty it does not make you want to even step inside to see what may be lurking behind the doorway. We saw a handwritten note on a door in front of one of the clubs that read "no refunds-you must buy a drink" it makes you wonder what may be behind that door waiting on you(scary), why would someone ask for a refund? Anyone who has been to "the block" in Baltimore should know what I am talking about.

It was an interesting outing and we will do it again when the weather gets warmer.


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