Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I was nice today

I had a nice relaxing day. I spent the morning with a friend from work and we got a body wrap. It was nice and relaxing and I really enjoyed the quiet time and I even lost 10 inches and the major bonus before we even got started I found out that I lost 2lbs....what great news! That was just the best way to start my day out.

I meet my mother for a movie. I never go out to the movies but I decided that with her health problems that we should try to spend some time together and watching a movie would be perfect because we would not even have to talk to each other. We had a pretty good time and stopped to get dinner. I have had a busy day and I am tired. We are going to the ocean tomorrow and I need to get my beauty rest. I will think of ya'll tomorrow while I am at the beach....not!


Blogger vanx said...

I could use a day with a friend and my mother. I’ll have to carve one out.

6:22 PM  

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