Tuesday, July 25, 2006

are people really that stupid?

I mean really.....do they really not know that a car will flip over when you yank the car steering wheel from side to side to try to jump one car ahead on the traffic. I just think it is so stupid. I have had this problem twice in the last 2 days. I have not been cut off the road but it just amazes me how stupid people can be. I guess I watch Cops and Police Chases on T.V. and I know that can happen.

I love my life and my car a little to much to do something so stupid and insurance is expensive too. I can't have that going up just so I can try to get up in front of one person.


Gas prices are getting higher as each day passes. I hate it! I just go to work, school, and sometimes make it to the gym. I really can't afford the gas prices to go anywhere else.

I need to start working some overtime at work but Greg thinks that I will be working to much. He does not want me to over work my self with school and all of that. I just want to get ahead of all the bills for school, and Christmas will be here before we like to admit it. I think this year I will be going to a store called "Five Below" for Anna. They have lots of really cute things really cheap. I love the stuff in that store so I know that she will. She starts charlatans again in 2 weeks. School in a little over a month and I only have 2 weeks between my summer classes and my fall classes.


This is about all that is going on with me right now. I have math homework to do and an essay to write so I will have to come back to ya'll later.


Blogger Brighton said...

Gas prices are KILLING me, so I fill up when the line gets to half a tank. I know I'm just fooling myself, but $28 sounds much better!

6:50 PM  
Blogger cosmopolgirl said...

Unfortunately people really do drive that stupid!! Gas prices suck!! over $3 a gallon what the heck...it's gas in my tank not diamonds! I'm sure Anna will love her gifts at Five Below, it's cool for younger kiddos!

9:16 PM  

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