Thursday, April 14, 2005

James Part 7

I have not posted a James story in a few weeks so I thought I would do this tonight.

During the summer I went back to my high school to see if I could finish school and not have to get my GED. I was told that I needed to go to summer school and not miss one day for any reason. I needed to make up for some credits I missed when I left home in April.

James paid for me to go to summer school and I took a cab to school and from school on most days. About three weeks into summer school we moved back to the motel. I did not finish summer school because I ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection.

I talked to my school counselor and was able to start school in September. I was very happy...I needed to be as normal as I could me. We were still living in the he motel. We had a nice room it was on the upper floor and we had a balcony and a table to eat at. It was nicer then some of the other rooms we had stayed in.

James paid another guy living in the same motel as we did to take me back and forth to school each day. I think it was $40 a day for me to go to school. James did help me and stand by me while I went to school. He made sure I had everything I needed and plenty of money for breakfast and lunch....Anna and I ate so good in those days:)

It amazed me how well the kids is school acted towards a young teen mom. I thought I would be treated like an outcast but I was wrong. Most people did not notice I was pregnant until my 7 or 8th month. I remember one of the girls walked up to me and asked me if I was pregnant because she could tell by the way I got out of my seat....I walked like but butt hurt(and it did) school chairs and not nice to a pregnant booty. She had a baby when she was 15 so she could tell.

I joined a club/meeting with other girls who were pregnant or already had a baby. These girls were wonderful and had their head screwed on tighter than some older mom's that I have met. These girls made bad choices but were willing to take care of their child and not push the responbsibility off on their mom and dad.

It did sicken me at times when girls would walk up to me at lunch and make a comment like"I wish I was having a baby" I would say "why, so your mom and dad can raise it?" I guess I thought I was better because I was an "adult" and going to school and I was going to make a great mom.

James would sleep all day while I was a school and go out with his stealing buddy at night. I would stay in out room and study and do homework. James was coming home later and later each night. I could tell he was still getting high and we fought all the time.

James had got locked up one day while he was out trying to make us money and when I got home from school I could hear noises coming from our room.....his stealing buddy was getting his freak on in our room while James was locked up. I was angry at James but not his friend...I knew his buddy was a dog...I was not his wife why should I care! When his buddy took his "friends" (yes 2 of them) back to their corner to buy drugs we left to get James.

James freaked out one day when some girl came knocking on our door looking for someone not in our room.....we moved into another room because he was paranoid.

Our new room was sooo small. I hated it. I woke up one night and James was not home and I saw a mouse(I did not know they climbed stairs). I was so upset and I left the room and sat on the steps outside until James would come back to the room.

There was only one way to the upstairs so he would have to pass me. There was another set of steps but that door was always locked....NEVER EVER opened. I waited outside for an hour and then James showed up...Behind could that happen? James told me that he came in from the other steps. He told me that it was open.

The trust between us was fading.

He told me later that he was in his friend(dave's) room getting high with Dave and his girlfriend. We got into a fight like always...but I stayed with him.

There was one morning that my school ride did not show up(he picked up some strippers and got high)he forgot about me. I went back into the room to get some sleep and take the day off from school. There was a knock on the door.....I answered it....James was asleep....the girl said "I'm sorry I am at the wrong room." We were the last room in the could you mess that up?!?!? I threw my books at James to make him wake up....I saw her wearing one of his shirts(just for the record she was ugly). He swore he did not know what I was talking about.

I left to go to school....I talked with my counselor and we called mom at work. Mom came to the school and picked me up....later on that night I went to the motel room to get my things. I left James........for now.........

to be continued.......


Blogger Cara said...

Wow! Dawn, I've not read the rest of your "james" stories just yet but it sounds to me as if you have come a long way from way back then! You should be so proud of yourself. It's easy to get caught up into that kind of lifestyle.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Rebky said...

you are NOT going back to him are you??? I'm on the edge of my seat for another James story....

2:22 PM  
Blogger J&J'sMom said...

Loser... sound's like your head is screwed on pretty tight...;0) hey, at least here in VA they start taking away driver's licesences of dead beat dad's. If you can somehow afford a lawyer and they can find where he works, you've got some $ comin!

3:14 PM  
Blogger Martine said...

Hey Dawn! I am back and it was good to read up on you!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Life was really crazy back then...I am so glad I know better now!

:) keep reading.....I am glad to see you are back...I was worried about you.

J&J's mom~
He take a bus or a taxi and he quit his job when he got his child support order...the court system does not care!

I am glad your back!

7:20 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

With each story it amazes me how far you've come.

And you're so good at the teaser endings on these!!!

9:09 PM  

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