Sunday, December 03, 2006

its a miracle

OMG!!! It a miracle 2 post in one day! I have decided to get back to posting more often and making post because I want to not because I fell obligated to. I stopped posting because of a person who was posting comments and was leaving nasty comments to me and I never should have let that bother me...this is my space and people come here because they want to read about what I have to here I am. I feel like I have let ya'll down and worse of all I have let myself down.

I am a little upset with my husband tonight because he made a "not so nice comment" about my use of coca cola products. I made a comment to him today that I have belts in the closet and I have not used any of my dress belts since the job I had when I met him....this was seven years ago (after my one and only child) and the belt does not fit me. I am a little perturb by the fact of this. I am upset that I can not wear a belt that I was able to wear when I met him. I really have no excuse. My daughter was already born she was 3 year old at the time so I just got fat over the year. His comment to me today was that a box of soda was gone and that I can not blame him that my belt will not fit me because I am drinking so much soda......"WELL FUCK YOU BUDDY" Don't worry I will lose the weight I was small when I met you and I will get that way again it is not that hard (well maybe it is a little harder now...but I will get there). Man, I am bitchy tonight!

I start my new position at work tomorrow and I hope that things go well. Wish me luck! Oh, I will not keep ya'll updated on my weight loss on this blog but if you are interested you can keep and eye on me on my other blog


Anonymous Crypto said...

A delete button for comments is a wonderful thing. And, you haven't let anyone down. If I remember correctly, you were in school and working. That tends to take a little time.

Glad to see you posting again.

8:13 AM  
Blogger JD's Rose said...

Ok, yeah. That is harsh, and I probably would have slapped him too :-)

As for the nasty commenter... don't let it get to you. People are prime assholes when they want to be. Moderate your comments if you want to, but don't stop posting because someone else is being a wanka. Unfortunatly the world is full of them, and we are bound to stumble accross one every now and then.

Have a great weekend Dawn!


10:08 PM  

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