Monday, September 19, 2005

things are good

I will have an easy week. Greg and I will get our marriage license this week. I am going to get the whole set tonight. I also have some stuff on its way from the home party I went to this weekend. My Avon order comes in this week also so I have all kinds of goodies on the way. I will post pictures of everything as they come in. I just love shopping.

I have a fairly decent Avon order this week. Almost $ I am happy about that.

I hope this week goes by fast. Tomorrow is Tuesday so that is least Monday is over. I do not really have any major plans just a bunch of little things happening this week. We are putting out new kitchen sink with our new faucet and water filter in tomorrow. I can't will make the kitchen look so much different. I hate our sink and faucet that we have now.

I think that is all that is going on right now. I hope to get a good picture tomorrow of my new beautiful sink.


Blogger Tammy said...

I'll be watching for those pictures!

7:07 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

everything is on order now...I am just waiting for it all to come in.

8:08 PM  
Blogger JohnH985 said...


Glad to hear things going so good for you. I just wanted to drop by and tell you I'm back safe and sound. I'm going to try and update a lot in the next few days.


5:06 PM  
Blogger ..::Meems::.. said...

Good to know things are looking up for ya! =)

8:16 PM  
Blogger puremood said...

Yay Dawn, so happy to peek in and feel all the positive vibes from your post! AM happy for you that things are going well! =)

12:34 AM  

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