Saturday, April 01, 2006

liar, liar, your pants are on fire......

Ok, Have I mentioned that my family lies, cheats, and steals? Well, they do. The most recent thing that is going on is that my mother thinks that she is so cute and can lie to me and have Anna try to lie to me but it just does not work...the worst part about it is that I could really care less about the whole thing but they make it worse by trying to hide it.

Anna has been spending the weekends with her grandmother. I know that I have said that I hate my mother and all the mean thing I will do to her but......she is Anna's grandmother and she would not do any harm to her so I let things go...I don't have to like her though! Anyways, so Anna is over there and my mom takes her to visit my dad and stepmom and they all act like it is a big secret and they tell her not to tell me.....It is mostly coming from my mom (she is the one telling Anna to lie). Of course, my daughter can't keep something like this from me long before she starts to run her mouth.

I did get some type of justice though. My mom wants to take Anna on a cruise with her and her husband in May. I said that was problem. I have to get her passport before they can leave. I made my mom call around to see what I need to do to have this in time. Well, If Anna is going out of the country they need BOTH parents to sign to allow her to go. I told mom....oh, I guess we have to find James. She go all upset about it...said that James is in jail (I already knew that). She said that because we both have custody of Anna that he need to be there or sign something to let Anna go. My mom was going on about how horrible this is and how can they let someone in jail have rights over Anna. I reminded her that she is the one who paid for his lawyer to fight against me to get those "rights" and now she can explain to Anna why there will be no cruise. The best part of the whole thing is that they (my mom and stepmom) have been in contact with the jail to get James to sign the necessary paperwork but they paid all this money for a lawyer to take Anna from me and to have James awarded custody but guess what.....James only have visitation....I have all rights over Anna...they have no clue! I don't need James so sign squat! Anna is ok with the fact that she "may" not go....she will still be in school anyways when they leave. My mom is still trying to get in touch with James and when I mentioned her paying for his lawyer she just changed the subject (she did not know that I knew she paid for his lawyer). She also does not know that the lawyer took the money and dropped James as a client because he could never get in touch with James.

See things really do come back to haunt you and I am there to watch it and laugh at how stupid you really are.


Blogger ugogirl said...

It seems like your mom thinks if you knew Anna was going to see her grandfather you would have a fit. If you don't care about her going to see her grandparents let your mother know, I'm pretty sure she'll be relieved to know that it's ok for Anna to be around family. I remembered you saying that no one cared about Anna but it seems like her grandparents love her dearly and want to be present in her life. If your mother wants to take Anna on a cruise you should let her go you never know when this will be her only time to go unless you can afford to take her, which I doubt because you're still waiting on your child support checks..... Let your daughter enjoy being a child and remembering all the fun things she got to do when growing up, don't let your feelings for your mom get in the way of your daughter dreams. If your mother is willing to be there let her be there because you never know when you're really going to need her and she's not there for you or your daughter. If Anna doesn't go ask your mom can I come I've never been on a cruise.......

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