Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am not sure if you read my post last week about the snow and how I got "fucked" out of overtime....They did not get overtime but they get to leave 4 hours early tomorrow and I can leave early too. That is very fair and I am glad that they are making things right.

I think I am going to go shopping tonight and then come home and have a drink or two. It is not like I am going to have a long day at work tomorrow. I hope to get the last of my Christmas shopping done and all the gifts wrapped.

Over the weekend we found out that Anna is allergic to peanuts....not good. I never knew how many things she would be restricted from eating. I am still doing research on it so I am learning.

I went to Social Security Admin. office to get the name change on my card but that was just a BAD experience. They are so ignorant and I wish I could have slapped the old lady behind the counter.

me: excuse me

old lady: you need to sign in

me: I just need some information

old lady: what

me: what will I need to get my name changed on my ss card?

old lady: marriage license and drivers license

me: ok

old lady: you will need to make an appointment

me: ok, can I make an appointment

old lady: you don't need an appointment for that

me: (confused) ok.......

old lady: you can take an application and fill it out and send it back in if you like

me: that sounds like a good idea (I don't want to come back around these nuts)

old lady: you need to send in documentation with the application

me: ok, I just need to make copies?

old lady: you must send us the original.

me: that does not make any sense.....I guess you are trying to tell me that I have to come back

old lady: no, you can mail in the application and original copies of the marriage license and drivers license

Please tell me that I am not the only one that thinks that this is a problem.


Blogger Stef said...

I think the SSA folks are just grumpy to begin with. I had a similar experience while trying to get disability. I didn't want to go into the office because it's out of the way, so I sent in my documents (birth certificate, etc). The local SSA office lost my only copy of my certified birth certificate for FIVE WEEKS! Then had the gall to write me to ask me to send it in! I made so many phone calls and raised a stink about the whole deal that they HAD to do something to shut me up. Long story short, they found it and returned it to me. I'd rather go to the office and deal with the government drones that work there than trust them to return my original documents by mail.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Claire said...

My sister had to send originals to almost everybody when she got married, they wouldn't even accept copies certified by a lawyer! Bloody stupid you ask me!

3:59 PM  
Blogger almst crzy said...

I didn't have any trouble. And I have only done this 3 years ago. I just followed the directions on the back on my ss card. I got my new one in no time. You don't have to send in the your marriage certificate, just get more certified copies. You should get enough copies to send to ss, credit cards and other billers. They are just like the original you have. Just extras. Sometimes these people even send them back to you.

6:54 PM  
Blogger almst crzy said...

Oh, and about the peanut allergy. Some people grow out of it. Check into that too.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Brighton said...

That is why my SS card still has my maiden name on it! Idiots!!

7:38 PM  

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