Friday, November 25, 2005

It is officially Friday

So it is 12:59 and I am going to be up at 4am to leave the house to do my Christmas shopping..."why am I on the computer" you may be asking yourself. Hey, that is a good question.

I was in bed sleeping and I was already in the middle of a bad dream. I was dreaming that I was in line at the bank and they were making me mad. I was on my way behind the counter to "discuss" a problem that I was having with the girl behind the desk when I woke up to go to the bathroom. This is all happening at 12:30 (after midnight) (when most "normal" people are sleeping) (not my family). So here I am in the dark bathroom with the lights off so I do not wake myself up more than I need to....and he walks into the bathroom opens the door as wide as it will go and the thing that makes me mad it that I said "STOP,STOP,STOP" before the door was completely opened and he had the nerve to try to make me seem stupid for being in the bathroom with the door completely shut peeing in the dark.

When I try to go back to bed I can not because my husband is sitting in the livingroom with his son (10) talking to him about Christmas (12:30 at night). I could not fall back here I am blogging at 1:07am because I guess I do not want to feel left out of the "house that can not sleep" and while I am shopping they will all be sleeping.....guess who will be calling at 5am while I am in line at the stores (ME!).

When I tried to explain my situation to my loving husband he told me "sometimes shit happens" and yes, that is true...but does you son have to walk in and watch with out knocking on the door? Why do I have to teach a 17 year old bathroom etiquette? If the door is shut please that to much to ask for?


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