Saturday, August 27, 2005

listen to me!!!!

I am listing to music from MTV's can make your own playlist. I love it! My weekend is almost over and Anna will be starting school on Monday. I am ready for this school year to begin. I have high hopes for Anna this year and they get "real" report cards this year. I am not sure how things are in other schools but here they only send home a report that says student is student demonstrating, consistently demonstrating, or another one that means your kid has no clue what is going on. This year she gets real grades and that is cool because I understand real grades.

It is so hot in my house or maybe it has to do with the 2 shots of 100 proof absolute that I had this evening. I just felt like having a few shots. I never drink mixed drinks it is always shots. I only drink mixed drinks if I am to drunk to have another shot. I do not drink that much though...sometimes I just feel like I want to have that numb feeling. I usually stay in the house when I drink. It's the weekend so it's all good.

I think I will play with my camera tomorrow.......I will have some pictures to post this week...they may be stupid but stay with me ok?

Anyways, I know that this week will go by pretty fast because I work 2 days and then I have a day off..then 2 more days off and then the weekend off. Pretty cool hu? I don't like the cut in pay but what can I do? Work is stressing me but I will get past it. I have never had them do this to me is the almost 5 years that I have been with them so this is hard for me to take. I know you are tired of me complaining about work but get over bothers me ok!

I have been thinking about Christmas this year and I know what I want to get Anna. I think I will get her a season pass to six flags for her and I will buy her a computer of her own. It will be better than buying her things that she does not want and will throw away.

I think I have said enough worthless crap for the night....


Anonymous janey said...

Hey it's your blog - you want to complain go right ahead. And I love those pix in the previous post. And Michele sent me.

9:42 PM  

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