Thursday, August 11, 2005

James Part 12

I was in the hospital in labor and James was sitting with me. My mom and stepmom showed up to make sure I was ok after James punched me in the stomach (no...he did not hit me). This is what the nurse said to me when she walked into the room. They could see my blood pressure rise as I told them it was all lies and I wanted everyone out of my room. I told the nurse the real story and they made everyone leave except for James. After a few minutes I asked James to leave also so I could rest and try to get my thoughts together. Why was I going to bring a baby into my crazy world? What in the hell was I thinking? I had no home of my own, I was still in high school. I was with a boyfriend who lies, steals, gets high and cheats on me. I must have been crazy or stupid or maybe both.

I know my mom and stepmom must of been pissed but I did not care. This was all about me and my baby not about them. Take the spotlight off of you for once this is my time....I can not be worried about you selfish ass right now...I am in pain and now my blood pressure was getting to the point of becoming dangerous for the baby. I was doing fine on my own but they wanted to induce the labor because of all the stress I was going through so they wanted to speed thing up a little bit.

I went into labor at 3pm and I went all through the night and at about 3am I asked for the famous epidural shot. It was pretty cool it has this awesome numbing affect...very cool! I was ready to deliver the baby at any time. My mother spoke to the nurse and I was talked into letting my mom watch the birth. They called mom at 8:30am to let her know that she could come in and they could start the delivery. That bitch did not show up until almost 10:00am. She picked up my stepmom and they stopped to get breakfast(this is my family).

I told the nurse...I don't care about her lets just get this over with. James was still sleeping at his buddy's house so I did not have to worry about that drama. Mom did show up on time(in case you were wondering. Delivery was not as bad as I thought it would be. Anna came out and she was the most perfect baby ever! They were surprised because Anna was not the boy that they had told me should would be but that was good for me because I did not want to name my child after James (that is what he wanted). If it was a boy his name was going to be...Robert James. I love that name....Robert was after a guy I met before James...I called him Bobby(I just loved that name and I still do).

I named Anna after a friend of mine in kindergarten. We loved her name because it spells the same forward or backward. Her middle name Rachelle is after an old friend from high school. I loved her name.

After the delivery mom left to go home and they gave me drugs to help with the blood pressure. I fell asleep.......very thirsty because they would not let me have anything to drink.

to be continued.........


Blogger Brighton said...

Oh girl. You are amazing just to have gone through all that at such a young age. I had my first at 22 and didn't have your strength! Keep up the story, I'm hooked!

12:46 PM  
Blogger IndependentGrl said...

Wow - I thought my family was nuts! It always amazes me how strong we females can be when the need arises...

2:03 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

I am totally glued to reading your story and wanting to read the "to be continued" portions. I am amazed at all you had to endure (and still endure) with your family. You are incredibly strong.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

seriously, where are James Part 1-10? cannot. find. them.

8:41 PM  

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