Monday, August 08, 2005

James Part 11

In my last James post I said that I wanted to leave him because of his cheating but I took him back so I would not have to explain it to my mother. Everything was going ok at first. I was working and trying to prepare my self for the birth of our child.

I remember that on Thanksgiving we bought turkey pot pies because mom did not want us to have turkey without her because she worked at the airport so we were going to have out Thanksgiving on Saturday (my day to work). I was not happy that I could not eat with everyone else but when I got home James wanted me to walk down into the basement with him before I made my plate of food. What a surprise it was when I walked down the stairs and saw that he had candles lit and food all laid out on the floor in front of the fireplace so we could enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner together. This is the one and only time that he really put thought into what he was doing and it really made me happy. This is the only good memory I have with him.

Time really flew and before I knew it is was December and Christmas was here. I was getting huge and I just wanted to have the baby at this point. I was still dealing with his cheating and I could not forget what he had done to me. James was still staying at my mom's house and he was talking to his mom and things were going pretty good. Christmas was nice. I got things for the baby and James bought me some pawn shop jewelry (that's a ghetto relationship for you).

In January the doctors were worrying me because I should be ready to have the baby and she was just not ready to deal with her father I guess.....I went to a doctors appointment and they asked me if I could go home and relax and put my feet up until Anna was ready to be born. "sure, I can relax...sounds like a good plan." Things had been pretty calm at home. I left the hospital and went home to relax.

James was watching my brothers play a video game in the upstairs bedroom when my stepmom came over to the house. She would always let herself into my mom's house without knocking and when she walked in she picked up the phone downstairs to call my dad and she heard James on the other phone line. She gave me the "you fucking bitch" look and ran upstairs. She slapped James in the head with the phone and he ran out the door. My stepmom ran out the door after him and tried to hit him again. I stood in the way of the both of them and she got in her car. She tried to run me and James over with her car. I ran about a mile in the melting snow to get away from that nut case.

My mother had told my dad one story about James and she was doing the opposite with me. My dad had no idea that James was living in my mothers home with me. I ran to the mall and we went to talk to a girl I worked with and that is when the pain came. I brought the labor on. We had to call a cab to take me to the hospital because this was it.......James was with me at the beginning.............

to be continued..................


Blogger J&J'sMom said...

Please tell me he's your stepmom succeeded in running him over? Not you of course ;0) Just keeps getttin' better!!! Waitin' with baited breadth my dear!!

8:25 PM  
Blogger Brighton said...

Ooooh this is good. I mean bad/good. DRAMA!!

6:15 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

oh, off i go to find parts 1-10!!!

7:58 PM  
Blogger annie said...

Wait, I'm confused about the Stepmom and the phone part, what was that about? He wasn't supposed to be at your house?

3:58 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

J&J's mom~
I wish...I guess I am just not that lucky! But if she would have hit him then I would be all sone with my James posts:)

LOL it makes for a good story.

did you find them? They are long but it will explain a lot

The stepmom would just walk into the house and mom always said that James was not allowed near her least she said that to them not me or James...she is 2 faced!

7:20 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

Wow!! She tried to run you over?? Holy crap! I'm off to read the next part...

3:16 PM  

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