Wednesday, June 01, 2005

some people can be so selfish

I am going to be running around like a nut tonight to get ready for my brothers graduation(from high school). At this point I am not even sure if it is worth going to. Mom and I are fighting or at least I am fighting! Mom bought Anna an outfit to wear tonight and I told her I would stop by to pick it up around 8pm. I was at her house at 8:30 and she was not there. After the day I had (Anna was sick) mom decides to call my house:

me: hello

mom: don't even start with me!!!

me: what?!?

mom: what did you want

me: (I wanted Anna's outfit)nothing nevermind.

I did tell her Anna was sick but WTF! That is no way to start a conversation.

Anyways, I called mom when I went to lunch today to let her know that I am going to drop Anna off to her around 4:45 so she can get dressed. She got mad at me and asked why I could not bring her sooner. First let me say that Anna does not get home from school until 3:30 and then I have to get myself ready. I also have to pick up my girlfriend from work and take her home(her car is in the shop). I figured that I could drop Anna off on the way to my girlfriends house. Mom said "you can't bring her sooner?" I said "No I really can't" and then she started to bitch about it.

After she said that I went through my whole deal about what I have to do before I meet them at my dad's at 5:30 and she said "all you had do was say that you could not do it" WHAT!!!!! Is it just me or is she acting CRAZY!?!?!?

So when I get off of work I will rush home, eat a snack, get dressed(in a rush), drop Anna off at my mothers (EARLY), and then stop and get some fast food(chicken) for dinner, pick up my girlfriend, her daughter and drop them off and then I should be on my way to my dad's in my car that his no AC.

I am so mad at my mother I could just scream!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Theo said...

mothers are like that, yep they are.

thanks for blogging by...

3:35 PM  
Blogger Charlie Mc said...

:( Hopefully the day/night will get better!!!!

7:30 PM  
Blogger supplymadam said...

Wow! Mom sounds like she's having a bad day or is it everyday? I have the opposite problem. "Mom please say "shit" or "crap" just once,please!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Claire said...

Oh the curse of mothers in a bad mood! Hope it all went OK in the end!

4:37 PM  
Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said...

Some people always think everything is about them. Hopefully your night will go well!

4:54 PM  
Blogger J&J'sMom said...

Can you juggle too? You mom thinks you can...sorry sweetie...hopefully you'll have a good night out right?

5:40 PM  
Blogger Rebky said...

Your mother! She really has some issues doesn't she? I'm sorry, that's not kewl. My daughter just graduated last sunday, I had a hectic day too, and was disappointed cuz noone would work with me on the picture thing so I got so few of them. :-(

1:27 PM  
Blogger annie said...

Sometimes, as Mothers, even when our children are grown up, we are still supposed to be the adult and act as one and bite our tongue and go out of our way and sacrifice something we want to do, to help our daughters out.
I'm sorry your Mom doesn't seem to know that.

6:47 PM  
Blogger aka_monty said...

Poor Dawn!
Sometimes life is a giant suck-fest.

I LOVE LOVE the new look, by the way...I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner! I have to play catch-up with everyone on the weekends...*sigh*

9:20 AM  

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